Friday, 27 July 2012

Hell Bunny Autumn/Winter 2012-13 Backstage sneek peeks!!

 Hell Bunny Photoshoot Autumn/Winter 2012-13

A couple of weeks ago, we shot the new Autumn/Winter range for Hell Bunny.
 You may be thinking, wait, we didn't even get a summer yet, what are the crazy folk at Hell Bunny doing photographing a winter range..!? Well, here at Hell Bunny, we work in advance and design collections up to a year ahead of them hitting the shops for you to buy. We usually have 2 photoshoots per year, each bringing a new look to the Hell Bunny collection.
    Our photos go worldwide, so it's really important that we nail each shot. Initially, they go out to all of our stockists across the globe. We produce a (trade only) biannual catalogue for our stockists to browse our new styles.
 As well as the catalogue, the pictures also appear on the websites of many of our stockists, on our own wholesale website, and eventually will be posted on our much loved and visited facebook page. 
The pictures go up on the facebook page as soon as they are in the shops, (or sometimes a little earlier if you're very lucky) !! 
   Our photoshoots have grown over the past few years, from a small team of a photographer, Hell Bunny staff and models, to the giant team of professionals we have behind us today.
   This time around, we had a fantastic group behind the photoshoot. Our favourite photographer Phillip Waterman was ready to capture the shots, with his trusty digi assistant Ian Kirby. 
  Stylist Deborah Latouche was on hand to make sure that every detail of the outfits was shown off to its best. You can see her at work in the image below alongside hair stylist Jason Crozier who made sure the models hair was styled to perfection. And,  last but certainly not least tanya chianale provided some excellent make up for the models.

We always have a lot of fun whilst shooting here at Hell Bunny, as you can see from the backstage photos! It's a long and tough few days for all involved, but the results are always fantastic.

The team, hard at work, to make sure the models look great on camera (not that they need much help in that field ;-)! )

Final adjustments to one of our winter coats.

Last bit of hair and styling before camera!

Jason hard at work creating a hairpiece for one of our models:

The famous Motley dress in a new colour:

Peekaboo!! Love the captures of the models behind the scenes!

.....And the hair stylists ;-) Nice ears Jason!

Looking sultry!

Make up close-up!

Great job Tanya!

Final adjustments:

Ahoy there sailor!

Having fun with the petticoats:

chillin' between shots:

Loving the hair Jason!