Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hell Bunny's Valentines Picks

It's that time of year again when love is in the air, whether it be for your other half, friends or tub of ice cream, Valentines day either way is an perfect excuse to buy yourself a cute new outfit. Over at Hell Bunny we have the vast selection of garments made from the bottom of our hearts just for you.
These are some of our personal  favourites.

Love Cardigan
The absolutely adorable Love cardigan comes in the pastel colours Blue or Pink, sizes XS-4XL.  This soft knit piece, has beautifully printed details such as the classic swooping sparrows and a unique large artwork on the back as a surprising wow factor. To top this off it has a dainty bow tied collar with black trimmings. 

Love Camisole - Love Mini Dress

 Both the Love Camisole and Mini Dress come in sizes XXS-XL and are made from a great lightweight fabric. The combination of the magnificent print and touch of black lace detailing make them an irresistible set.


Lacey Skirt -  Lacey Mini Dress

If you're planning to look elegant and graceful this valentines day then the Lacey Skirt or Mini Dress are the garments for you. These come available in sizes XXS-4XL in either Turquoise or Pink.  The 50's skirt can be paired with a cutesy cardigan or blouse whilst the dress has a lovely cream silky bow across the back as a perfect finishing touch you'll want to show off.

Scottie Mini Dress - Scottie Skirt

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Either way you'll fall in love with this charming pooch filled print. The Scottie Mini Dress and Skirt come in sizes XXS-4XL and its vibrant print looks perfect paired up with black heels or accessories.


Cordelia Dress

 Since red is the colour of love, why not buy the floral Cordelia Dress we've recently brought out in the new colour- Blue! But if you're still a fan of the popular Black version of the print, it's still available to buy in sizes XS to 4XL.

 If you want to release your more darker side then here are some more alternative valentines day dress options.

The Rock & Ruin Dress

This gothic garment comes in sizes XXS-4XL and is the perfect alternative if you're not really for all the lovey-dovey romantic appeal of valentines day,with a print filled with classic skulls and blossoming roses on top of its flattering shape, what's not to love?

Sweetheart Dress

Polka dots are a print that always look fabulous and the updated version of the Sweetheart Dress supports this.With its glamorous heart shaped cut out on the chest and black buck belt, you'll be an absolute dreamboat this valentines day. This dress comes in sizes XS-3XL.

In shops soon!

We have some new designs coming out shortly including the beautiful prints above however unfortunately these aren't in stock for valentines day but will be available next month so keep your eyes peeled! 

 The Lola Rose Dress available in sizes XXS-4XL

The Scottie 50s Dress comes in sizes XXS-4XL

The Lacey 50s Dress available in sizes XXS-4XL


Barney Top available in sizes XXS-4XL

Scottie cardigan available in sizes XXS-4XL