Thursday, 22 November 2012

Monster Mayhem!!

Well, we're totally trying to take over the world with our designs!! First we tried to dominate the world with unicorns (if you missed that check out the post here !) And now, we're set to cause mayhem across the globe with our monstrous B-Movie dresses!!  As usually, our facebook fans have done us proud, and when we called for the monsters to unite and cause some mayhem, we got plenty of response! Here are some of our faves from the pictures sent in!! 
If you want to join the mayhem, make sure you get your pictures shared on our facebook page and we'll pop them in the album with all the other monsters!! Or you can check out the rest of the pictures here ! =)

Mmmmm BrAAAiiiiInns!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Gotta love this halloween costume!

oooo too cute =)!

Woah there lady! Nice hair do!

Looking gorgeous =) Loving the 'do!

Can't beat a bit of abandoned asylum as a backdrop for some monsters! 

Pretty lady =)! We love her  blog and videos! Especially when they feature a bit of Hell Bunny!

Photo bomb anyone? =D

Here with our monster green petticoat! Perfection =)

GGRRRRRAAAOOOOMMMAHHHH (Need we say more ;)!!)

Er..lady...I think some of your face fell off :-/ ! =)

Spooky stuff!!!