Monday, 10 September 2012

Autumn/Winter is coming....!

Has anyone else been watching Game of Thrones as avidly as us? We're a little hooked...!  Whenever I
think of the upcoming season...The Stark's 'Winter is coming' prophecy springs to mind!!
Well, I'm not sure about the rest of the world, but here in the UK, we've not had the greatest summer on record!!! So we're quite looking forward to getting into Autumn because it means we can finally unveil the new collection..! Yay!
 Here at Hell Bunny HQ, we design around a year in advance of a season, so we've been excitedly sitting on the new collection waiting to be able to show it off to all our fans! After a few sneak peeks from our photoshoot to whet your appetites earlier on, we can now finally reveal some of the new styles! There are plenty more to be found on our facebook page, and of course, this is just the beginning! Loads more styles will be revealed as they make their way to our stockists!

Talk of the town-Tartan!

First up, we have a few styles in tartan (more to be found on our facebook page in the A/W 21012 album). Starting out with some rockier styles such as the aptly named 'Rock dress' below, coming in red, blue and green and white tartans:
Rock dress
Rock dress

Alexander dress

We just love Lolita and tartan combo, and came up with the Alexander dress for our lolita lovers! with white contrast lace trim and lacing detail, it's really cute and looks great with and without a petticoat! This style also comes in green and blue ) .

Bop the night away!

Just perfect for a rock and roll themed dance, get swinging to some 50's tunes in the bebop dress with black and white musical notes print! Again, gorgeous with and without a petticoat! We recommend a 26" one for this style! Awesome for twirling in!!
Bebop dress

We did a few more in this print, again, check out our facebook to see more styles! We love this lolita take on the musical notes print-

Jazz dress

Welcome to Oblivion!!!

And finally, a sneak peek of things to come with the Oblivion top!!! Lots more styles to come with this new take on punk rock, with silver zips sewn into the seams, and buckles, we love it!! Keep checking back on our facebook page for more additions to this story, including some great matching skirts!

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