Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Have a Hell Bunny Halloween!!

So, It's nearly our favourite time of the year, Halloween!! We love it so much, because it means an excuse to wear those spooky things we'd love to wear all year round, and we're all thinking about our costumes already!
If you're still wondering what to wear this Halloween, check out some of our new dresses!
This year, we've created two incredible new prints especially for the Halloween season, a spiderweb and skulls print in red, black, white and grey and a monster/horror print in green with red blood splatters.

True to Hell Bunny style, we created some 50's length dresses, for all the rockabilly and pin up ladies, so you can look demure and spooky in one fail swoop!

Freddy and Seth dress both have black contrast collars, halter-neck ties and waistbands, and look incredible with a black petticoat (we used our 26" one for the photos). You could even go for our monster green or red petticoat for even more impact!

Of course, we also made some shorter dresses for the rock chicks amongst you. We had a play with them at our photoshoot and they look great pared with knee high socks fishnets, stompy boots and a big dose of attitude! Hot stuff!
Both Reaper dress and Kirsty dress have adjustable spaghetti straps and contrast collar and waistbands.


All you need now is some fake blood and you're good to go for this halloween!! So, have fun, don't eat too much candy, and don't forget to post some pics on our facebook page! 

And to top off you outfit, check out the Zombie Cardigan!!


  1. Hey, where can I find these dresses and cardigan? I'm located in Belgium, I've looked around on the internet, but haven't found many sites who sell these! Thanks so much! :o)

  2. There are a few stockists in Belgium, but they don't seem to have stock online:


    But if you are Ok with shipping, then there are lots of UK websites that sell Hell Bunny and have these dresses:

    Soho's has the short ones-

    And Kate's Clothing + Hot Rockin' Bell have
    the longer ones-



    The cardigan is due in on the 8th October, so will be in shops soon after

  3. So amazing! I wish we celebrated Halloween in Australia. I adore the 50's length Freddy dress!

  4. I really wish you had a list of stores/web-sites that sell your brand on your web-site; most brands do, and without that list, it is difficult to find your clothing.

  5. Hi,
    Let me know where you are from and I will try to help you with a few of our stockists.
    At the moment, we're stocked in over 1000's of places worldwide, so it's difficult to list them all.

  6. p.S Sorry for the delay in response, I'm not sure why but I missed this comment!