Monday, 2 July 2012

Zombie Unicorn World Domination

Why hello there!

Well hello there Hell Bunny lovers! After so much interest from our fans over at the Hell Bunny fan page over on facebook, we decided it was high time to create a blog to share the Hell Bunny love!
So here we are! A big welcome to the first post on the official I love Hell Bunny blog! I feel the need for some party poppers and something fizzy! So, now that you're here, why not give us some love by following the blog on blogger or blog lovin' (Link for Blog Lovin' is at the right of the page) so you can keep up to date with the happenings at Hell Bunny HQ!! 

Zombie Unicorn World Domination-Phase one !

Well, we've been having so much fun over at the Hell Bunny facebook page recently! It all started when we happened to notice a lot of love for our zombie unicorn dresses, the zombie petal dress and I heart zombie mini dress. Tonnes of our fans were posting photos of themselves in these two little numbers! We figured there was a lot of love for the zombie unicorns and we have to agree...what's not to love about a zombie unicorn?
In honour of this, we decided to create a folder to share the love and since then, even more of the wonderful ladies that are the Hell Bunny fan base have shared their awesome pictures with us... These are a few of our favourites from the album which you can check out here !!

Gotta love this little photoshoot featuring the I heart zombie mini dress, the colours work so well with the dress, and love her hair so much...makes us want to break out the blue hair dye more than a little ;-)!

Ooo, we love the ripped up fishnets, perfect accessory to face the zombie unicorn apocalypse!

Looking really sweet here in the zombie mini dress! Love this sunny picture and dreaming of sunshine more that a little over here in the wet and windy isle of England ;-) 

oooOoOOOooo...! We got a bit excited when we saw this photo shared by one of our fans, what better way to wear the zombie unicorn mini dress than with a zombie unicorn abandoned in the woods...a tiara, awesome pink hair and....a chainsaw!! Not that we condone chopping up unicorns with chainsaws..we happen to like them! But wooah great photo opportunity if ever we saw one! 

Gotta love these photos from on our favourite regulars over at Hell Bunny land! The Lovely Emma Joy Joy rocking our zombie mini dress. We have a little wardrobe envy from this lady and always love to see her pictures!

Thanks to Lucky 13 for sharing this photo of the zombie petal dress...and just check out those fab Hello Kitty style glasses..We found a similar pair here if you're looking-tequila star on etsy

And last but certainly not least, this photo made our day! Hell Bunny zombie unicorn to the office? We think so! What a great way to liven up your day job by wearing this number! We wish we worked in such an open-minded office environment...oh wait we're at Hell Bunny HQ where anything goes!! haha =)

Thanks ladies for joining us on this Zombie Unicorn adventure, and to the first of an exciting blogging journey!! Make sure you follow us for many more exciting blog posts! And love to hear your comments.

Lots of love
The Bunny!!


  1. Awwww you guys are so sweet <3

    I often wear Hell Bunny to the office, and get heaps of comments on how cute my dresses are!

    Can't wait to read more blog entries, and see what you have planned for the future *cough* *sneak peeks please* hehe ;)

    Woooo, I popped your blog comment cherry! XD