Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Peurbakkentocht

So here's a question... How many Hell Bunny dresses can you fit on one boat? 

We were so excited when a picture of 'The Peurbakkentocht' popped up on our facebook page recently. And I'm sure you can see why from the photo below!!  So, we were curious as to what this was all about and got in touch with one of our stockists Dominia from The Netherlands to find out more about the reasons behind this boat full of ladies decked out in our dresses!

So the reason that so many fabulous looking ladies are donning Hell Bunny dresses and floating down the river? It turns out that it's a festival called  'The Lakenfeesten'. The Peurbakkentocht kicks off this four day festival, where colourful decorated boats float down the Leiden canal. Dominia have their own boat each year, which this time happened to be decorated with gorgeous ladies dresses in Hell Bunny dresses...We approve!!

And the history behind all of this? Well, originally, centuries ago, all herbs, spices and cotton were sold by boat through town and all of the entrepreneurs made as much noise as they could to let the people know what they where selling from their boats. This particular boat was called 'Peurbak' in dutch. 

Raymond Harper 

Nowadays, companies, local shops and sports clubs participate to this event to promote their business. And prizes are given to the most original and creative boats. As well as the local businesses, some of the local people from Leiden participate as well and dress up.
Raymond Harper 

This was our 4th time that Dominia have participated and their goal was to let people in town know what they are selling at that time. They wanted to show the 'Leidenaren's' that they sold colourful dresses and not just black and gothic garments, and their theme was 'Rock and Roll' A perfect excuse to show off our dresses !!
Raymond Harper 

 Domina use the afternoon to do hair, make-up and dress up the lovely ladies on the boat. After that it's pizza and fruit time, and at around 6pm the party starts!!  The boat then floats through the centre of the city and is watched by thousands of residents and tourists.

And a little history about Dominia from the owner Kim-

At first I  graduated as a carpenter, but in that period it was hard to find a job, since the furniture industry had trouble. My family told me I should open an alternative shop, since I was always busy with costumes and such. So i took the plunge and here I am! My shop opened on August 4 2004. Almost 8 years ago! 
The name is actually a puzzle. I have a fascination for bugs and butterflies. I collected taxidermy bugs and butterflies. So in order for my name I used the name of a Moth that lives during the night.
The 'Neochera Dominia'. I also used this as my logo, but with a little skull hidden in it.

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