Thursday, 23 April 2015

Behind the scenes with Hell Bunny!

At Hell Bunny we love our photo-shoots, after all our work on the clothing, some taking over a year to finalise, we finally get to see the pieces finished and styled on our models with the help of our team of hair/make up artists and photographer. Here are some behind the scenes photo's of our Spring/summer shoot!

(link for full catalog below)
Yazzmin in Maisy 50s dress

Litha Bacchi in Sea Sparkle Dress
Betsy Rose in Dolly Top & Nelly Bly Trousers
Zoe Melissa Mae in Elise Top

Miss Betsy Rose in Sea Sparkle Playsuit

Miss Betsy Rose in Sea Sparkle Playsuit & Yazzmin in Shelli Blouse & Paula Skirt

L-R, Bella Noell, Zoe Melissa Mae, Natasha Hall, Litha Bacchi
L-R,  Zoe Melissa Mae,  Stephanie,  Sarah cake
L-R- Miss Betsy Rose, Yazzmin , Litha Bacchi
Stephanie & Frieda playing with the props
Bella Noell & Litha Bacchi tired after the shoot
Everybody getting ready for the next poster scene
Yazzmin in Cindy Dress
Claire Gipps in Kaila 50s Dress
Thank you to the following people for working with us on our shoot!
(links to pages where available)

HB workers:Emily

Claire Gipps
Laura Aka Dolly Daggerz

Natasha Hall from Pretty Me Vintage

Terry & Debbie from Retro Photostudio

A bigger selection of behind the scenes photos from our photoshoot will be added to our facebook soon! :)

You can see all the finished photos in our catalogue for Spring/Summer
on our Hell Bunny Rag website.
Catalogue link below:

L-R, Bella Noell , Miss Betsy Rose, Yazzmin, Litha Bacchi, Natasha Hall, Stephanie, Terry Mendoza, Sarah Cake


  1. looks like a fun time, as usual, more great dresses have been made!

    1. It was, but also tiring haha :) thank you Laura!

  2. So much stuff I want here!

    Kariss xx

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