Friday, 11 January 2013

Hell Bunny Spring 2013-New Collection!!

It may still be a bit nippy outside ;) but we've been busy getting together out new collection for Spring/Summer 2013 !! We begin designing around a year in advance,  starting out with our unique prints. The majority of our prints are designed in-house and by our team of designers, so this is an important process. Once the prints are created, we begin to design the shapes of the garments.
We create samples of all of the lovely clothing you see, and test them out for fit and quality (and of course looks)! 
Around 10 months later, and the collection is ready, and it's time to start getting it ready to show to the world!
 The next step is our photoshoot.

The photoshoot!

Firstly we cast some lovely models. Hell Bunny is based in London in the UK and we use local models. For this season, we were lucky enough to team up with the fantastic Miss Betsy Rose and the fabulous Beau Rocks . Who are not only talented models, but also fantastic burlesque stars. Do make sure you check out their websites, and maybe go catch a show! 

Our make up artist Pretty Me Vintage did a superb job on making these already stunning ladies, super gorgeous! Look at those eyebrows! Wow...come and do our make up please ? ;-)

By the way- check out the new Hell Bunny headquarters!  We moved in this year, and it's all looking very exciting, and with all this space, it means we can do our photoshoots in the office. What a brilliant use of space! The collection is all lined up along with our design boards getting ready to be worn by the lovely ladies.

In make up... it's all looking very serious for a moment !

Oh, no, there's a boat on Betsy's head! Back to the madness that is a Hell Bunny shoot =)! ( For this great accesory by the way, check out  Now Voyager. Gotta love a pirate ship hairclip!

We'll be bringing you some more behind the scenes pictures soon,so make sure you follow the blog! But until then, I know you've all been waiting for it. Here's some sneak peeks from the new collection, these babies are in stores already!

Starcrossed lovers.

Next up is Starcrossed dress, perfect for an alternative Valentines day! What better way to spend it than in a dress with a pin up beauty locking lips with a skeleton ! Well, we certainly don't do prints by halves at Hell Bunny!!

Starcrossed dress

And the last sneak peek for the day, we went ahead and reinvented one of our classics- the tattoo flock dress, and created it in white!  The original red and black versions have also been restocked and are back on sale! Woo =)!

Tattoo flock dress in white

Tattoo flock dress in red.

Tattoo flock dress in red.

Hope you enjoyed the little look into the world of Hell Bunny...follow the blog for more Hell Bunny adventures and new styles coming sooooon!


  1. I need these. I may have just hyperventilated over the purple unicorns and cupcakes one. OH god, I NEED IT

  2. hehe =D It's coming in pink as well soon! And a mini dress.